HDx Enabled by THERANOVA for Renal Care

HDx Enabled by THERANOVA for Renal Care

THERANOVA dialyzer

HDx enabled by THERANOVA is a new dialysis therapy we are pioneering for patients with end-stage renal disease. The THERANOVA dialyzer features an innovative membrane, which provides an expanded hemodialysis therapy (HDx).

THERANOVA was designed to filter a wider range of molecules from the blood than conventional hemodialysis filters, targeting the removal of large middle molecules that may be associated with inflammation and cardiovascular health for end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients.1,2,3 Its innovative MEDIUM CUT-OFF (MCO) membrane expands the range of solute removed during regular dialysis, while retaining essential proteins at a controlled level.  This unique cut-off and retention onset profile allows for filtration closer to that of the natural kidney.4,5

HDx is performed the same way as conventional hemodialysis (HD), does not require generation of replacement fluid and works on standard equipment for operational efficiencies.

Three Distinct Layers of Design

Smooth Surface and Asymmetric Design

The THERANOVA membrane features a smooth blood-contacting surface of its thin inner layer or skin. It is characterized by hydrophobic/hydrophilic micro-domains, which may minimize interaction with blood components, resulting in lower protein adsorption and cell interaction, which may help reduce risks of clotting.5

DO NOT USE THERANOVA dialyzer in HDF or HF mode.

For safe and proper use of THERANOVA, refer to the appropriate Instructions for Use, Operation's Manual or User’s Guide.