OLIMEL Portfolio for Nutritional Care

OLIMEL Portfolio for Nutritional Care

The OLIMEL portfolio is available in select countries around the world, but all formulations may not be available in every country. OLIMEL is not approved for use in the United States.

Image of OLIMEL 7.6% Parenteral Nutrition

The OLIMEL portfolio consists of eight unique olive oil-based parenteral (intravenous) nutrition formulations designed to match the personalized protein and energy needs of patients.    

Seriously ill patients and those going through major surgery may require more advanced treatment for disease-related malnutrition, a condition that occurs when a person has experienced a traumatic healthcare event and cannot get adequate nutrients orally or through tube feeding. Studies indicate that protein appears to be the most important macronutrient for healing wounds and maintaining lean body mass during these times1-5.  However, not all patients have the same nutritional requirements.

The OLIMEL portfolio contains a broad selection formulations in Baxter's triple-chamber system to deliver balanced proteins and glucose for each type of patient. A parenteral nutrition formulation with high protein and an olive oil-based lipid emulsion is supported by the European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) and the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN) guidelines.

NEW! Introducing OLIMEL 7.6%

The newest addition to the portfolio is OLIMEL 7.6%. Loss of lean body mass and fluid overload are associated with negative clinical outcomes2-3, 6-8.  With 76g of amino acid per Liter, OLIMEL 7.6% delivers the highest protein AND the lowest glucose formulation available in a standardized, triple-chamber system9-11. OLIMEL 7.6% is formulated with electrolytes and without.

Abbreviated Monograph

Different Nutritional Needs

Moderately Stressed Patients


Designed for patients with high protein and low energy demands (e.g., late stage ICU or cancer patients). OLIMEL N9 is available with and without electrolytes.


Designed for patients in stable condition with moderate protein and higher energy demands (e.g., patients in recovery). OLIMEL N7 is available with and without electrolytes.

Low Stressed Patients


Designed for patients in stable condition with moderate protein and energy demands (e.g., peri-operative patients). OLIMEL N5 is available with electrolytes.


Designed for stable patients that need a conveniently delivered, short-term nutrition solution (e.g., nutritional bridge for patients with no central vein access). OLIMEL N4 is available with electrolytes.

Prescribing Information (OLIMEL and PERIOLIMEL)

Prescribing Information (OLIMEL 7.6%)

Micronutrients should be added as a daily dose to all PN prescriptions according to clinical guidelines12, as long as compatibility has been checked.

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