BioScience Fact Sheet

Biological Solutions for Life-Threatening Conditions

Baxter’s BioScience business is a leading manufacturer of recombinant and plasma-based proteins used to treat hemophilia. Other products include plasma-based therapies to treat immune disorders, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, burns and shock, and other chronic and acute blood-related conditions; biosurgery products for hemostasis, wound-sealing and tissue regeneration; and vaccines.

Hemophilia Therapy: Hemophilia is a condition in which there is a failure of the normal blood clotting sequence, usually due to the absence of one or more clotting proteins in the blood. Baxter is a leading manufacturer of anti-hemophilic clotting factors to treat hemophilia. This includes factor VIII and factor IX, the clotting proteins missing from the blood of people with hemophilia A and B, respectively.

Albumin Therapy: Albumin, processed from blood plasma, is a plasma volume expander used to treat burns and trauma, and to maintain adequate fluid volume and pressure in critically ill patients. Baxter provides albumin vials that are used in cardiac surgery, heart valve repair and replacement, and to treat hemorrhagic shock.

BioSurgery Products: Baxter's BioSurgery products are biologically active products and are used to facilitate hemostasis and tissue sealing in surgery. The company's fibrin sealants, for example, are made up of human fibrinogen and human thrombin, which, when mixed, replicate the start of the tissue sealing process to stop bleeding in certain surgical procedures. Baxter is also developing products to facilitate the regeneration of soft and hard tissue, including bone.