Patient Testimonials


Chronic Kidney Disease

My name is Laxmi, and I live in Pune with my family. I was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease in 1992. I started on conservative treatment but by 1997 my creatinine rose to 10 mg/dl. My doctor then advised me to either go for a kidney transplant or for dialysis, as there is no other treatment for end stage renal disease. I opted for kidney transplant. My younger brother was found to be a good match and he gave me a kidney. The transplant survived for three & half years, but then my body rejected it. This time, there was no kidney donor available in my family. I was put on Hemodialysis as an emergency treatment. A fistula was created, but it failed. Thereafter another one was created in my arm, but that too failed after a few days. I became extremely ill and was bed ridden for six months. I couldn’t eat and had severe weight loss. My doctor then advised me to go for Peritoneal Dialysis.

Initially I was reluctant, but I had no alternative so I went for it. I remember the day as it marks the begining of a new life for me - the 10th of December, 2001 that I started CAPD. It worked like a miracle for me. I went back to work, I felt so much better and I regained some weight. Now, I perform the dialysis exchanges on my own and have been doing it for 9 years. My hemoglobin is maintained between 10-11, my albumin is 4 gm/dl. and I do a solution exchange three times in a day. Baxter clinical coordinators come every month to meet me and guide me about dialysis and diet. I am also frequently in touch with them on the phone.

After starting on CAPD I travel to Muscat twice a year for a period of 10-12 days each time, and also have been to Goa, Mauritius, Ooty, Darjeeling, Bangalore and Shirdi for short holidays. I help my sister to run a beauty parlor and I feel absolutely normal, thanks to CAPD.