Safety Information: Extraneal

Patients using EXTRANEAL (icodextrin) PD solution

Are you using the right glucose monitor?

To reduce the risk of error regarding potentially significant improper insulin dosing that occurs mostly in emergency responder and hospital settings, Baxter reminds caregivers and patients to only use glucose-specific monitors and test strips, commonly used in clinical laboratories. “Glucose-specific” applies to monitors and test strips that can distinguish between glucose and other sugars (e.g., maltose).

Patients on peritoneal dialysis using EXTRANEAL (icodextrin) PD solution should wear a bracelet or necklace that communicates the potential drug-device interaction. Baxter provides a bracelet and necklace to each patient using EXTRANEAL, or the patient can choose to have the warning added to their MedicAlert bracelet. Learn more about EXTRANEAL safety:

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